Horse Care

Equine Veterinary Care That Meets Your Needs

Broodmare, stallion, show horse, pleasure mount, or working animal, our use of horses is varied and challenging, and Sullivan Veterinary Clinic is here to help you with all of your equine endeavors. We understand the need for experienced veterinary care when it comes to your valuable equine animal companions. Our goal is to help you develop a horse or herd wellness plan that meets your needs and lifestyle.

Basic Health Care

The first step is to contact Sullivan Veterinary Clinic before an equine emergency arises. Setting up a wellness plan and initiating preventive care is insurance against costly veterinary expenses later.

We recommend checking your horses’ teeth at least once a year to see if they need to be floated. This process of filing the teeth corrects uneven wear and promotes optimum nutritional gain from grains and hay.

Foot care is as important to your horse as tires are to a car. You should clean hooves before and after using your horse and examine them regularly for developing problems. The extent of hoof care and the need for horseshoes varies with the use and age of your horse. A qualified farrier is a must in the maintenance of your horses’ feet.

All horses should be vaccinated every year, usually in the spring, but age and lifestyle will determine which vaccines to include in your wellness program. In addition, internal parasite control varies with your management style and treatment preference.

Equine Vaccination Guidelines

The AVMA® tells us that core vaccinations protect animals from the most common or dangerous diseases in our region, and they are often required by law. Sullivan Veterinary Clinic generally recommends these core equine vaccines:

  • Tetanus
  • Eastern/western equine encephalomyelitis
  • West Nile virus
  • Rabies

We may recommend the following additional equine vaccines, depending on animal origin, travel requirements such as for breeding or showing, and general lifestyle:

  • Anthrax
  • Botulism
  • Equine herpesvirus (rhinopneumonitis)
  • Equine viral arteritis
  • Equine influenza
  • Potomac horse fever
  • Rotaviral diarrhea
  • Strangles

Our support to horse owners and breeders focuses on quality customer service, including herd management, wellness care, surgery, reproductive services, farm calls, and after-hours emergency care. Contact us for your equine care needs.